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The Radio Sultanate of Oman  began a new broadcast of “Classical Music Programme” in the 22/7/2010 to join the other four radio programmes: the General Programme, the Holy Quran programme, the Foreign Programme and the Youth programme.

The daily classical music programme is broadcast 12 hours from 1 pm to 1 am at FM frequency 97 MHz in Muscat and 103.2 MHz in Salalah as well as Arabsat (Badr 6).

The programme will air the best produced through the long history of classical music by geniuses in this genre coupled with a brief introduction and conclusion in both Arabic and English languages about the piece to be broadcast.

The new radio broadcast underscores the importance of classical music as global heritage, especially music itself represents an international language.
The launch of the programme comes on the eve of the Sultanate’s celebration of the blessed Renaissance Day.

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